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Macdonald Public Recreation Commission

Who is Macdonald Public Recreation?

Macdonald Public Recreation Commission is comprised of councilors from the RM of Macdonald, the Recreation Director and 6 community volunteers. The committee works to promote a coordinated, municipal wide approach to recreation and advises Municipal Council on recreation issues such as community recreation needs, recreation facilities and support for community groups.

Role of the Commission

  • To promote a coordinated, municipal wide approach to the provision of recreation opportunities.
  • Support community, municipal recreation organizations in the delivery of programs and services.
  • Support community recreation associations in development and maintenance of community recreation facilities.
  • To develop and sustain effective leadership and volunteers which support recreation, physical activity, sport and healthy, active lifestyles.
  • Liaison to Municipal Council on recreation related matters.
  • Continually evaluate programs, services and approaches to ensure they are meeting the needs of the municipality.

Funding Programs

Recreation Program Support- Supporting community organizations to initiate new recreation programs that are accessible to the municipality.

Recreation Leadership Development- Supporting the development of skills of persons in a recreation leadership role (eg. coaches, board development, volunteers, fitness leaders, etc.) Receipts must be submitted by December 31st of the year the program was completed.

Library Membership Assistance- Providing assistance to individuals and families to purchase memberships to libraries up to $50 per family. To qualify, proof of membership of the current year must be submitted to the RM of Macdonald by December 31st. For additional information, please call the RM of Macdonald office at 204.736.2255.

Youth Initiatives- Encouraging communities to develop recreation opportunities for youth.

Recreation Facilities- Supporting the development and maintenance of recreation facilities.

Complete program guidelines are available from the MHRD office.

Volunteer Service Awards

The Macdonald Volunteer Service Awards were introduced in 2006 at the 125th Anniversary of the RM of Macdonald. Several awards are presented annually by the Macdonald Public Recreation Commission at a special event honoring the recipients. Since its inception, 85 residents have been recognized for their efforts and dedication to their communities.

Who can be nominated?

The Macdonald Volunteer Service Awards are presented annually to people who have embodied the spirit of volunteerism and have made a lasting and meaningful contribution through their volunteer activities. Nominees may be of any age. The volunteer work must have been performed in the R.M. of Macdonald.


Nominees will be judged according to the following criteria:

Activity - What did the nominee do? How many years did he/she commit to volunteer efforts?
Leadership - How did the nominee demonstrate leadership?
Other Volunteer Involvement - What other volunteer activities has the nominee participated in?
Impact - What was the outcome of the volunteer's efforts? How many people benefited? What was accomplished?

Award Categories

This award recognizes people under 25 who have made considerable contributions to their schools, organizations and communities through volunteer work. These volunteers serve as a role models, encouraging their peer groups to give of themselves for the benefit of the community.

Individual Volunteers
This is presented to exceptional individual volunteers whose efforts have contributed significantly to the quality of life in their communities.

Award of Merit
This award is presented to individuals who have made an exemplary contribution to the community. Posthumous nominations are accepted.

Nomination forms and further information is available from MHRD at 204.885.2444 or .

March 14th, 2018